In this competitive world market user has some option to get customer search & compare on internet only for better, ism is providing all better content & key words to fulfill customer needs.
ISM strategy helps your business to improve more clients through magnetic powers.
Ism helps your business or your search to influence more traffic. Convert the traffics towards your brands and users.

  • Website Development and Designing (1 Domain Name) for one year
  • Hosting Distribution (10 G.B hosting space on Linux Server) for one year
  • 5 Business Mail Id’s for your company or representatives.
  • Website Promotion with content writing and key words
  • Website Security (SSL, timely checking of site for spam)
  • Google Adsense,Google Adwords.Google Analytics
  • Search Engine marketing for all Internet search websites locally and globally
  • Affiliated and Referral Marketing for customers services and products
  • Paid Advertising services on social media.
    • Online advertisement with city searching
    • Website Promotion with contents
    • Reviews on Google and social media.
    • Updates of business time to time
  • Marketing by Online Listing (MOL)
  • Classified listing on local search sites
  • E-Mail Marketing with business mails
  • Smart Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Bulk SMS Marketing
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • IVR/Toll free Marketing
  • Paid Social Media Campaign
  • Face Book Marketing
  • 30 Days Advertisement Plan
  • Boost post- 10days, reach to 15K People
  • Call Advertisement – 10Days, Reach To 20K People
  • Free Post in every 10 days, and 30 days page maintenance
  • LinkedIn, Google Reviews
  • Micro blogging (Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Video Marketing ( YouTube, Face book Live)
  • kotapride Special Promotion Campaign Through
  • Expansion Marketing – Expanding business by increasing your reach of area
  • Magnetic Marketing – By Attracting more and more clients.
  • Influencer Marketing – using review method to gain customer trust.
  • Radiation smart promotional strategy through Internet by Digital skills
  • Magical advertising strategies

ism (internet search marketinf ) smart SEO startergy

1.Online Listings with classified contents of your Business.
2. Listing with Best Searching Keywords contents.
3. Online Searching On Google and Other Search Engines.
4. Free Listing on (Best Local Search Directory in India).

5. Kota pride special OSM (Online Search Marketing) , OCM(Online classified Marketing) , CSM(Content Searching Marketing)

7. Free Listing on (Best Education Search Directory in India).

8. Free Listing on (Best Search Directory in India).

9.Free Listing on Click India (Best Search Directory in India).

10. Marketing on Quora and Locanto sites.

11. Google my business promotion with top search in ranking on Google and positive reviews.

12. All Campaigns will be Organic. Searching on search engine will be permanent.

KAS: KotaPride Advertisement Services

OSM: Online Search Marketing

OCM: Online Classified Marketing

CSM: Content Search Marketing

CAS: Classified Advertising Services

kota pride and websoftcreation team dadabari kota
Office No: To all Entrepreneurs, Startup’s and Buisness owners and for all who are giving and providing better services and useful products sellers, Ecommerce companies. Thankyou all for better devotion in growing national progress.
Our team is devoted in providing best services with online smart platforms to Grow your customers and Attract more profits in competitive markets.
Office No: Give a gift of online presence always to your clients for faster communication and growth.
Buy our smart sales, marketing and Advertising Packages to flourish.
Office No: Smart marketing with magnetic and magical features.
Rs 21000 per month
Rs 2lakh per year
We provide:
Magical energy dynamic Website
Smart SEO and ISM for Google search at top
Positive impact on consumer through Digital media
Best content with honey
All social media ads campaign
Multiple focus strategy
Mobile marketing strategy through bulk sms and display advertising
Expansion Promotional Activities
Leads generation programme
Your you tube channel growing
Thanks for your support and Order.
God bless you all with prosperity and success in abundance
Love and proud




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