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We are one of the biggest Kota stone mines owner get slabs direct from our mines.
Kota stone Blocks, Kota stone tiles.
Market leader & prolific innovator in Kota stone industry.
We are one of the biggest Kota stone mine owners and so we have a total over our product quality and
quantity with this. We can provide the best quality in the least time.
Modern stone industries slab & tiles is involved in manufacturing & production of Kota stone since
1995.We have 26 years experience in selling Kota stone flooring, wall cladding, different parts of India at
the most fair prices.
Our specialized work force & capability of supplying gave us the ability to take over huge & challenging
projects & contracts. We being market leader and a prolific innovator have been responsible for a
number of innovations in Kota.
The choice of always doing something different mode major contribution in the success story of modern
stone industries ever since the beginning setting different benchmarks and raising the standards of for
granted Kota stone with the superior quality and state-of-the-art technology. We have always
introduced something different and unique to the market that excites our customers and with the
superior quality and production capacity of 3000 Sq. Mt. daily. We have always met the requirements of
the customer.
3-Mines ( 50 hectares)
3-Factory- Highly equipped factories
3000 Sq. Mt. daily productions
Kota stone is a fine grained variety of lime stone.
(chemical composition is siliceous calcium carbonate)

Sedimentary origin, quarried in Kota and Jhalawar districts of Rajasthan. Kota stone’s fascinating natural
look toughness and cost effectiveness makes it the most extensively used stone for both residential and
commercial flooring. Kota stone flooring comes with a shiny appearance and charismatic colors such as
blue,yellow,grey,greenish, blue and brown. Kota stone is available in different shapes and sizes and can
easily blend with any home interior or exterior flooring design.
Customized ready to fit Kota stone flooring tiles:
1. Calibrated ( all tiles will be in same thickness as per demand)
2. Polished as per your need ( mirror polished, fine polish, semi polished & honed)
3. Completely rectangular cut and packed in boxes. You can fit it like ceramic tiles and no polish
needed after fitting.
4. You can fit it like ceramic tiles and no polish needed after fitting
Kota stone’s only drawback was its time consuming and laborious fitting and polishing process
which delays the projects and lack of competent karigar couldn’t give proper fitting. But now
with the help of our customized ready to fit packed calibrated KOTA STONES tiles you can
complete your projects in time at very affortable cost.

Mines owner- Shakil mohd.(mola bhai)
Factory owner-Mohd. Wasim
Mines address- Shakil mohammed s/o usman mohammed
Village-Aroliya tensil pachpahar dissit jhalawar ( Rajasthan)
Business mails-modernstone@modernkotastone.com


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