• September 24, 2021 8:08 am


By Dr. Giri “Giriver”

“i am lying prostrate at guru’s doorsteps, blowing a hundred times,
the first doha tha i write is offered at guru’s feet
re sadho is offered at gurus feet”

DR. Giriraj Agarwal “Giri” senior physician,writer,editor and social worker. He has written five books.Agrasen geetmala, Rathyatra, Gangaur geet kavya and Gair Shairana. Dr.Giri has participated in number of social activities, medical services in rural and urban areas; conducted free medical camps for many years, for that he was awarded by Govt. of Rajasthan.

one the renowned doctor and a famous poet, writer in kota, rajasthan. Has come up with another master piece in the form of DOHE dedicated to lord krishna.

One connect with Dr Giri “Giriver” on the given below details
Mob: +91-9829093801
copyright©2018by Dr. Giri


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