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Agriculture industry has the lowest percentage of content marketing adoption – 78% compared to the average 88% across all other industries.  The key objective of digital marketing is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques.
For brands and suppliers looking to increase their reach across the industry then, digital marketing in the agriculture sector presents the opportunity to grow organic site traffic, increase search-engine rankings, and boost perceived industry authority.
There are several types of agribusiness marketing strategies employed to assist
companies in gaining as many loyal consumers as possible.
Much like other types of
industry strategies, food industry marketing focuses on learning about the current
client base, formulating methods to encourage a greater client base, and
advertising effectively to appeal to as many people as possible.
These goals are often met through practices including market segmentation, analysis, and instituting a marketing plan.
In most cases, this form of marketing usually takes a business-tobusiness approach, as opposed to targeting the individual consumers directly.
One very effective agribusiness marketing strategy often used in the food production
business has been market segmentation.
Market segmentation is the process of taking the company’s current client base, as well as potential consumers, and carefully evaluating three sets of criteria regarding the groups.
Physical attributes refer to the client base’s size, location, and evaluated interest or need of the products offered, in addition to other distinguishing factors.

Many food industry businesses outsource this work to specialty advertising firms.
These firms use the information gathered in the segmentation and analysis portions of the process to formulate effective tools to attract and keep as many clients as possible through methods such as email advertisements, pamphlets, and direct contact with industry buyers. It is not uncommon for the campaigns to focus primarily on business-to-business relationships at this stage of the food production process.

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